EU energy transition

My PhD on electricity markets started in 2002, which was at the very beginning of the liberalization process.  As illustrated in the above picture, this process went in several steps with EU legislation guiding the way. 

National energy markets have been set up in each country of the European Union (and the wider European Energy Community), and they have been harmonized and integrated. 

In parallel with this liberalization process, the transition also introduced policies to make the energy system more sustainable, and to improve its security of supply. 

At the start of this journey, we were often looking elsewhere for inspiration on how to start such a process because Europe has not been the first mover. In more recent years, the rest of the world is increasingly interested in the European experience because what has been achieved in energy markets is unprecedented in scale and ambition. 

The work of our energy research team is fully aligned with this process. We provide ideas to improve policy and regulation by interacting with policymakers, regulators, and stakeholders. You can download most of our research via Google Scholar, or via repositories, such as ResearchGate and EUI cadmus

I have bundled my electricity research into two books: one on electricity markets, and one on electricity networks.  I also started working on other energy topics, like hydrogen, renewable gas, and sector integration. 

Open-access book that you can download via the publisher site or EUI cadmus repository

You can buy a hard copy via online book platforms, such as edward elgar online, amazon, or

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Cite as: Meeus, L., 2020. The Evolution of Electricity Markets in Europe. Edward Elgar.

You can buy a hard copy via online book platforms, such as edward elgar online, or amazon

Cite as: Meeus, L., Glachant, J.-M., (Eds.), 2018. Electricity Network Regulation in the EU: The Challenges Ahead for Transmission and Distribution. Edward Elgar.

Executive education

At the Florence School of Regulation, we offer training for professionals from the public and private sectors on the latest policy and regulatory developments in the energy sector. We also provide tailor-made training upon request.

Quantitative PhD research

Most of my energy research is done in collaboration with PhD researchers (and colleagues that help with PhD supervision). We use energy system models to contribute to policy and regulatory debates. 

This type of "impact studies" can help policymakers and regulators make better decisions. Selection of recent publications with PhD researchers:

Qualitative research

A good framework captures the main regulatory or policy options, and their pros and cons without getting lost in details. We sometimes manage to reduce a debate to three main options and three main criteria to distinguish these options, but not every debate surrenders itself to such a synthesis. 

List of academic journal publications

You can download most of these publications via Google Scholar, or via repositories, such as ResearchGate and EUI cadmus. If you cannot access the final publication, you can look at the working paper version.


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